Manufacture of ladies clothes, school uniforms, workwear. For a short period of time, the company managed to establish itself on the market for ladies clothes, relying on elegant line highlighting the femininity and practicality.

Furthermore, the company has expanded its activities and started producing uniforms for schools and kindergartens, uniforms for hotels and restaurants, bank staff and pharmacists, covering every area of client's wishes to underline its corporate identity.

  • Address: 2A “Kosta Avramikov” Street,
    Raikovo NBHD, Smolyan
  • Phone: 0301 62606
  • Email: kosarastyle@gmail.com


With the production of uniforms, KOSARA STYLE once again proves its professionalism with its ergonomic decisions about the models and materials that will be responsible for the comfort of students and employees and will be as close as possible to their preferences.
The company provides full assistance in meeting the requirements of the client and develops individual projects for different age groups in the respective color combinations and materials. We offer:

  • Convenience, quality, honesty in the execution of your orders.
  • Development of the models in different color combinations, compliant to the interior of the workplace or to the overall appearance of your hotel, restaurant or company.
  • Possibility for identical advertising logo.

Some of our clients who have trusted our professionalism for more than 10 years:

Companies: Yettel Bulgaria, Sofia Bulgaria, Dentaprime Dental Clinic, Telenor Bulgaria, Mobiltel, Vivacom, International Asset Bank, Urban Mobility Center – Sofia, Fort Noks

Hotels: Belmont, Perelik Palace, Grand Monastery Complex, Malina Holiday Village, Holiday House Iglika, Extreme, Spa Hotel Strimon Garden Kyustendil

Restaurants: Milano, Spartak, Rodopski Kut, Tavern “Petko Takovata kashta”

And a number of other customers who chose our professional attitude and high-quality execution of their queries.


The company cooperates with reputed manufacturers of fabrics, yarns and fusible materials from the Netherlands, Italy, and France, with proven high quality according to the requirements of the long-term wearability standard of the garments.