Manufacture of ladies clothes, school uniforms, workwear. For a short period of time, the company managed to establish itself on the market for ladies clothes, relying on elegant line highlighting the femininity and practicality.

Furthermore, the company has expanded its activities and started producing uniforms for schools and kindergartens, uniforms for hotels and restaurants, bank staff and pharmacists, covering every area of client's wishes to underline its corporate identity.

  • Address: 2A “Kosta Avramikov” Street,
    Raikovo NBHD, Smolyan
  • Phone: 0301 62606
  • Email: kosarastyle@gmail.com


KOSARA STYLE is a company with long history, established in 1995. The company has already proved its qualities as the leader in the textile industry on the Bulgarian market. For a short period of time, KOSARA STYLE managed to establish itself on the ladies’ clothing market, betting on an elegance, emphasized femininity and practicality. With a team of 35 professionals, KOSARA STYLE expanded its activities by producing uniforms for schools, uniforms for hotels and restaurants, bankers, as well as for any other professional field with a need for marked corporate and brand identity. For the last ten years, KOSARA STYLE is foreign-oriented, affirming its name as a reliable and secure partner for guaranteed product quality.

KOSARA STYLE is the trademark of “KOSARA-R” Ltd.