The new KOSARA STYLE brand

For the past two decades, KOSARA STYLE proved its qualities as the leader in the textile industry on the Bulgarian market. The company has achieved its ambition to establish itself on the ladies’ clothing market and as a reliable partner for guaranteed quality of the production.

At the beginning our team was formed of 4-5 employees, and today we are more than 50 motivated and driven people who believe we can position Bulgaria as an elite destination for textile production. We are proud of the results we have achieved over the last 20 years and we know that there are still many opportunities ahead of us.

After long months of planning, many hours spent in design, we can now announce with joy that the official rebranding of KOSARA STYLE is a fact. It preserves our history and at the same time it adds an innovative and modern approach.

Our logo symbolizes our journey so far and the boundless one that awaits us from now on. And it also represents the tailoring meter that has been our best friend since day one of this exciting adventure.

We kept the our old colours because we think they speak for themselves. The red, which symbolizes energy, feelings, emotions and the desire for life – all messages we strive to convey through our clothing.

For us, building a brand identity, website, and social presence are just the first steps towards achieving our mission and vision.